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Glaucoma: Informing the Way Forward
Mivision, February 26, 2015 Read Article

Gene Discovery offers new line of defence against glaucoma
The Advertiser, February 24, 2015 Read Article

ANZRAG Newsletter 4, July 2014 Read Newsletter

ANZRAG Newsletter 3, March 2013 Read Newsletter

ANZRAG Newsletter 2, December 2011 Read Newsletter

World-first glaucoma gene discovery by Flinders-led team
Flinders News, May 2nd, 2011  Read Article

ANZRAG Newsletter 1, October 2010 Read Newsletter

Testing Can Predict Future of Eye Disease; Glaucoma
The Advertiser,  June 29, 2010  Read Article

Eyes on Prize in Vision Quest
The Weekend Australian,  August 29-30, 2009  Read Article

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